I was 17 years old in this photo, taken at Fashion Island in Corona del Mar, California in 1976. I was working at Bicycles Etc. in El Toro, Ca, working for John and Judy Pullen and working alongside 2 great guys, Mark Hendrickson and Gary Fowler. A year earlier, I saved up enough money to buy myself a brand new Peugeot UO-8 10-speed, proudly purchased from Pop’s Bicycle Shop in Santa Ana, Ca. I rode the wheels off that bike quite literally, eventually replacing the frame and the components over the next few years, including those worn out wheels, as my abilities and bank account improved. The bike that Peugeot morphed into, still hangs on display in my garage today as seen here, my first bicycle paint job in 1982, homemade decals and all, a link to those carefree teenage days.
 As I’ve gotten older, my love and passion for these vintage steel machines has only become more intense.

Today, as you  can see below, while the shorts have gotten longer and the hair has gotten shorter,  I remain a very avid cyclist, logging a few thousand miles year round on my Colnago Lux Master, not always easy here in Vermont. I’m fortunate to have acquired some wonderful high end bikes from the 1970’s and 1980’s. They are visually stunning and ride like a dream. But this one tends to be my favorite ride. And as shown, it still is…

Right pic 2013, Left pic 1/1/22 –
UntitledSame Place, Seven Years Later

I guess it was only natural to combine my love of riding and restoration to offer frame painting/bike restoration as part of my services. If you have a vintage or even modern bike that you’d like to see brought back to it’s former glory or are thinking of selling, let’s talk!